Verra is a global leader helping to tackle the world’s most intractable environmental and social challenges. As a mission-driven non-profit organization, Verra is committed to helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve livelihoods and protect natural resources by working with the private and public sectors. We support climate action and sustainable development with standards, tools and programs that credibly, transparently, and robustly assess environmental and social impacts and enable funding for sustaining and scaling up projects that verifiably deliver these benefits. We work in any arena where we see a need for clear standards, a role for market-based mechanisms, and an opportunity to generate significant environmental and social value.

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The Role of Carbon Markets Post COP 27

CIFB Mar 2023View event

Third-Party Certification and Standards

CIFB Feb 2022Watch session

Investing in Natural Forests

FAIS Nov 2021Watch session

Why and How to Engage in Carbon Markets

CIFB Sep 2021Watch session

European forest market panel

FAIS May 2021Watch session


Sandeep Roy Choudhury

VNV Advisory Services

Julie Baroody

Senior Director for Forest Carbon

Ed Hewitt

Director of Natural Climate Solutions

Asger Olesen

Chief Climate & Ecosystems Officer
FSC International

Tommie Elder

Director Investor Relations
The Forestland Group

Tracy Buran Evens

TimberLink LLC

Bronson Griscom

Senior Director
Conservation International

Nicolas Girod

Co Founder
ClearBlue Markets

Alex Finkral

Chief Forester and Vice President of Conservation
The Forestland Group

David Antonioli


Candace Vinke

Senior Director of Nature-based Innovations

Sandeep Roy Choudhury

VNV Advisory Services

Angela Foster-Rice

Senior Vice President - Strategic Business Develop
Everland Marketing

Esben Brandi

Founding Partner
Future Forest Company

Harald Mauser

Liason Officer
European Forestry Institute

Guilia Cancian

Policy Advisor
Bioenergy Europe

Karin Astrom

Program Developer
Rewilding Europe

Manuel Estrada

Director, REDD+ and AFOLU

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