Tommie Elder

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Tommie Elder

Director Investor Relations
The Forestland Group

Tommie Elder is the Director of Investor Relations for The Forestland Group (TFG). TFG invests in sustainable natural forest management to deliver financial returns and climate change mitigation. Tommie leads new product development, investor outreach, and relationship management. Tommie heads TFG's Impact Team which works to integrate ESG best practices into company decisions and track ecological and social outcomes from TFG operations. Tommie holds a B.S. in Human & Organizational Development from Vanderbilt University and a Master of Forestry from Yale University. Prior to joining TFG in 2020, Tommie served as the Conservation Finance Program Manager for the USDA Forest Service. She also held positions with the Environmental Defense Fund, National Park Service, and Forest Trends, helping to connect incentives and market-based strategies for sustainable cross-boundary landscapes.

The balance of investors to those seeking investment at this event made for a valuable meeting. I think the ability to see what attendees were actually in each session helped get a feel for who was interested in what. The 1:1 meeting technology was great. In terms of outcomes, we initiated a lot of conversations and made some new connections so it was a very worthwhile time. I think overall it was very much a success. Thank you so much for a great event.

Tommie Elder
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Investing in Natural Forests

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