Walter Vergara

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Walter Vergara

Senior Fellow
World Resources Institute

Mr. Vergara is a senior fellow at WRI and manager of the Initiative 20x20, that seeks to support the Latin American regional efforts to achieve global climate stabilization goals, while maintaining the ability to meet growing demand for food, feed and fiber and contributing to improvements in the income and standards of living of rural populations in the region. Initiative 20x20, is a country-led effort to change the dynamics of land degradation in Latin America. This is the number one activity that can most influence the carbon footprint of the region. There are also 23 impact funds and other financial partners which have earmarked US$2.6 billion to invest in restoration projects. The initiative seeks to initiate the restoration of 50 Million Ha by 2030. To date partners of the initiative have started 195 projects on close to 25 Million Ha.

Innovative, timely, focused.

Walter Vergara
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