Stéphane Hallaire

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Stéphane Hallaire

Founder and CEO

Stéphane Hallaire created Reforest'Action in 2010 to enable companies to act in favor of forests, climate and biodiversity. He brings the voice of forest and agricultural landscapes to international private sector leaders to help them make their companies' business models and value chains more regenerative and circular through quality carbon projects. As co-initiator of the Global Forest Summit, Stéphane is helping to strengthen the global multi-stakeholder dialogue for forest protection and restoration. In parallel with the UN Decade for Ecosystem Restoration, Stéphane Hallaire aims to create a generation of reforestation entrepreneurs to enable citizens around the world to create income by restoring their environment and developing a biocircular economy. He plays a prominent role in the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance founded by King Charles III as part of the Sustainable Markets Initiative.

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