The Forestland Group (TFG)

The Forestland Group (TFG)

The Forestland Group manages natural forests to deliver financial returns, climate mitigation, and ecological impact.

The Forestland Group (TFG) is an independent Timberland Investment Management Organization (TIMO). The Forestland Group (TFG) is headquartered in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. TFG’s regional offices are in the Southeast, Appalachia, Great Lakes, and the Northeast. We manage forests for a mix of institutional, foundation, endowment, and family office clients.

TFG delivers large-scale climate change mitigation, strategic conservation outcomes, and portfolio returns through the ownership and management of working forests. TFG is an industry-leading seller of forest carbon offsets with a 25-year track record of forestland investing guided by the core value of sustainability.

Why work with The Forestland Group:

We are an industry leader in forest-based carbon solutions. Forest carbon project development is front and center from initiation to outsale. TFG’s landholdings have large carbon storage capacity and our team has the in-house development expertise to leverage this capacity. As of 2021, we have developed 17 forest carbon projects and counting. We have a 25-year track record of financial returns. TFG outperforms industry benchmarks with consistency and provides a competitive return on capital across all funds. We deliver attractive, risk-adjusted, non-correlated investment returns for our investors. Investments in natural forest management are an inflation hedge and portfolio diversifier. We have capacity for scale. TFG’s infrastructure and expertise can deliver significant impact managing large landscapes. TFG holds the largest portfolio of hardwood assets in the US and has permanently protected ~1M acres of forestland.

We prioritize conservation through natural forest management. TFG commits to third-party certification across our entire portfolio. TFG established Natural Forest Management Principles to guide management decisions. These frameworks balance environmental stewardship with timber production – even in complex forests. We are serious about integrating ESG into our decisions and practices. In 2018 TFG became a UNEP PRI signatory. In 2019 we established our ESG policy. In 2020 we published our inaugural Impact Report. In 2021 we are becoming a certified B-Corp. We look forward to continuing this journey.

TFG is committed to managing natural forest systems to mitigate climate change, drive positive ecological impacts, support rural economic resilience, and maximize financial returns for investors. We partner with a broad spectrum of clients who share this commitment to land stewardship.

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Director Investor Relations
The Forestland Group

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TimberLink LLC

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Senior Director
Conservation International

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Co Founder
ClearBlue Markets

Alex Finkral

Chief Forester and Vice President of Conservation
The Forestland Group

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Curan Bonham

Program Officer

Blake Stansell

The Forestland Group

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Program Director, Supply Change & Ecosystem Market
Forest Trends

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Managing Director

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