Gina Pattisson

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Gina Pattisson

Independent Consultant

A serial intrepreneur, following her fast track management traineeship at Unilever, Gina has worked for the last 25 years at the sweet-spot of purpose and profit, driving income, influence and impact growth for environmental and social causes. Passionate about the wellbeing of people & planet, Gina has spearheaded large and small transformational initiatives and held leadership positions at a diverse range of organisations including Oxfam, Farm Africa & Oxford University. Along with founders Jeroen and Mellany Klompe, Gina has built Soil Heroes from scratch and is currently CEO. Gina raised the investment to build a platform to connect farmers and companies to transform agricultural practices. Gina's big talent and passion is building the external tribe for positive change. Gina believes in fairness of access to opportunities and the power of dialogue and is a Trustee of Sapere, the UK's national charity supporting philosophy for children.

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