Descartes Labs

Descartes Labs

Descartes Labs is a technology company that automates the analysis of geospatial data to help organizations answer key questions about the physical world. Through our SaaS platform, we enable the analysis of earth observation data at scale, providing services and solutions across commodity sourcing and forecasting, resource exploration, and climate resilience, while also supporting diverse federal government efforts to gather, analyze, and provide actionable insights from geospatial data. Descartes Labs has over 120 employees and is headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Technology Applications and Their Use in Quantifying Results

CIFB Mar 2023Watch session

The Importance of Cutting Edge Solutions in Forestry, Agroforestry and Biodiversity

CIFB Feb 2022Watch session


Raymond Song

Associate - Carbon Markets Intiative
Rocky Mountain Institute

Eve Boyce-Ratliff

Director, Growth & Partnerships
Upstream Tech

Murray Collins

CEO and Co-founder
Space Intelligence

Caleb Midgley

Senior Product Manager

Matt Tyburski

Chief Scientist and Founder
Global Surface Intelligence Ltd

Lucy Almond


Mariam Crichton

Group Managing Director
4Earth Intelligence

Craig Mills


Alexis Moyer

Head of ESG and Spatial Finance
Space Intelligence Ltd

Jon Pierre

Mantle Labs

Jason Schatz

Sustainability Science Lead
Descartes Labs

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