Earth Blox

Earth Blox

Earth Blox allows you to assess the environmental performance of millions of assets in diverse ecosystems anywhere on Earth in minutes. With the power to build unique views on your global assets in your hands, you can make better decisions for your business and the planet.

Headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland, Earth Blox is disrupting the way corporations, NGOs, and educational institutions approach climate and nature-related challenges. As a leading provider of spatial data analytics, our platform is designed to accelerate the identification, quantification, and management of climate and nature-related risks and impacts.

Our software seamlessly integrates the most authoritative satellite and ground-based data, advanced analytics, and standardised methodologies, to give you:

Effortless risk assessment: Quickly identify and assess climate and nature-related risks across your operations.
Streamlined reporting: Automate your reporting processes to ensure compliance with regulations and frameworks, including CSRD, EUDR, and TNFD.
Actionable insights: Gain data-driven insights for informed strategic decision-making and effective sustainability initiatives.
Due diligence for Nature-Based Solutions: Evaluate carbon sequestration potential and prioritise investments in high-quality nature-based solutions.

Our no-code technology makes complex spatial analysis accessible to anyone, supporting a sustainable future where technology and environmental stewardship converge.

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Genevieve Bennett

Forest Trends

Eve Boyce-Ratliff

Director, Growth & Partnerships
Upstream Tech

Tina Morris


Sam Fleming

Co-Founder and Head of Customer Success
Earth Blox

Steven Ramage

Chief Engagement Officer
Group on Earth Observations (GEO)

Mariam Crichton

Group Managing Director
4Earth Intelligence

Will Cadell


Jonas Franke

Managing Director

Iain Woodhouse

Professor of Earth Observation
The University of Edinburgh

Craig Mills


Edward Asseily

Chief Executive Officer
Zulu Forest Sciences