Earth Blox

Earth Blox

By harnessing the exponential growth in satellite data, Earth Blox quickly takes you from sensing to sense-making, offering the competitive advantage of up-to-date environmental intelligence, without the need to code.

Earth Blox is a tool that offers simplicity, adaptability and customisation, for everyone in your team.

Satellite data is increasingly being adopted by businesses to look into all aspects of our ever-changing planet. Earth Blox has been designed to quickly turn Petabytes of raw EO data into clear, actionable insights, without the barrier of having to know how to code. It saves time by removing repetitive manual tasks, and increases accuracy in your decision making by harnessing global data sources at your fingertips

Earth Blox gives you:

  • Access to the Petabytes of data stored on Google Earth Engine on commercial terms.
  • An easy to use platform with a shallow learning curve - no need for any coding skills or extensive expertise in algorithm development.
  • Allows non-coders to not only access insights, but to innovate their own.
  • Use our pre-built solutions, or build your own.
  • Offers visibility of workflows to ensure transparency, which also lets the coders keep innovating too.
  • Value for money – greater processing capacity combined with reduced operational costs means large budgets are no longer necessary.
  • Accessible from anywhere – not limited by bandwidth or geography, and no local storage needed, so a laptop in the field will work just fine.

Moreover, our educational packages broaden access to the power of satellite data, and so help create the next generation of Earth observation specialists, who will lead the charge to meet the evolving needs of our planet.

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Technology Spotlight Session

FAIS May 2022Watch session


Steven Ramage

Chief Engagement Officer
Group on Earth Observations (GEO)

Mariam Crichton

Group Managing Director
4Earth Intelligence

Will Cadell


Jonas Franke

Managing Director

Iain Woodhouse

Professor of Earth Observation
The University of Edinburgh

Craig Mills


Edward Asseily

Chief Executive Officer
Zulu Forest Sciences

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