Environment Bank

Environment Bank

Led by David Hill CBE (founding member of Natural England) and James Cross (former CEO of Natural England), our team of leading ecologists are dedicated to nature restoration as the solution to tackle the critical issue of biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse. We work in close collaboration with Defra, Natural England, and other stakeholders to shape environmental policy and guidance.

Environment Bank are part of a portfolio of pioneering companies in the Gresham House Sustainable Infrastructure Fund and we are directly investing £240m of secured funding into an expanding network of landscape-scale Habitat Banks across England. These Habitat Banks are uniquely designed to deliver the best possible social and environmental impacts.

With over 6000 acres of restoration and enhancement currently underway, biodiversity outcomes are the driving force of our nature recovery projects. We work with the land to maximise the uplift in ecosystem services and natural capital value – including wider, people-focused asset classes – employing best practice methodologies and innovative monitoring systems.

Biodiversity Credits are Environment Bank’s newest natural capital asset class, built upon the same robust principles and statutory frameworks that underpin our Biodiversity Net Gain products. Biodiversity Credits provide the solution for businesses facing the challenge of making meaningful and legitimate actions that net measurable, nature-positive outcomes. Our Biodiversity Credit projects holistically deliver impactful uplifts for biodiversity and natural capital in a way that can tangibly be quantified for stakeholders. They also provide a measurable social impact, including improving job opportunities, boosting rural economies, offering better access to nature, and providing equitable economic outcomes for all.

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Biodiversity Credits: The High-Integrity Options Available to Businesses Now

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Emma Toovey

Ecology Director
Environment Bank