For over a decade, SLM Partners has pioneered investments in ecological farming and forestry systems. We oversee 465,232 hectares of land and manage US$210 million in assets across three continents. All our strategies seek to deliver market-rate financial returns by investing in real assets, while generating positive impacts on soil health, water, biodiversity and carbon storage, and building resilience to climate change and other risks. SLM Partners integrates impact into the core of its investment strategies, from design to implementation.

Our mission is to scale up ecological and regenerative land management approaches that are proven but not yet mainstream. We believe that we can only achieve truly sustainable financial returns if we are enhancing natural capital.

Our approach to impact measurement is rooted in the realities of the farms and forests that we invest in. We collect property-level data on outcomes that are specific to each strategy and apply third-party certifications where relevant. We then aggregate and present this data through globally-accepted impact reporting frameworks and metrics, such as the Global Impact Investing Network’s IRIS+ and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We align our work with relevant regulatory and financial sector initiatives that are increasingly bringing focus to sustainability risks and impact claims.

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Paul Brannen

Director Public Affairs
CEI-Bois & EOS European woodworking & sawmills

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Investment Director
SLM Partners Ltd

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CIO, Forestry
Gresham House

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The Social Hedge Fund

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Managing Director
Valoral Advisors

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Managing Partner
SLM Partners

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Founder & Director