We believe that healthy ecosystems—and their services— are the foundation to a thriving world and are fundamentally mispriced by the market. There is a critical opportunity at the intersection of the needs of agriculture to become restorative and investments to realize their actual social and environmental impacts.

We are unlocking a new and regenerative asset class through real world development by helping:

  • smallholder farmers in developing countries increase their income and climate-resilience,
  • commodity purchasers access sustainable and ethical food and timber supply,
  • institutional investors and retail blockchain investors access a risk-adjusted asset class with massive and measured environmental and social impact.

Sam™— our friendly, transparent, and tech-enabled agroforestry investment service— provides farmers with: comprehensive farm-inputs financing, transition-lifecycle support towards regenerative agricultural practices, and guarantee product purchase and payment-for-ecosystems-services— such as carbon; completing our underwriting process.

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Benoit Clement
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Climate Friendly Permanent Crop Panel

FAIS May 2021Watch session

AI & Blockchain to Scale Profitable Investment in Smallholder Agroforestry

FAIS May 2021Watch session


Roberto Vitón

Managing Director
Valoral Advisors

Paul McMahon

Managing Partner
SLM Partners

Thekla Teunis

Founder & Director

Benoît Clément

COO @ ReForestry