We are a science-based, solutions-driven team dedicated to solving one of humanity’s greatest challenges: climate change. We believe nature itself can help restore the balance, but the number of healthy ecosystems in tomorrow's world will depend on how well their value is accounted for today. That’s why we’re using cutting-edge AI-powered data to precisely measure their benefits and unlock the potential of nature-based projects.

Trust and transparency are at the heart of everything we do. Because ecosystem benefits are complex and costly to measure and synthesize, it can be difficult for some of these initiatives to scale. To make sense of it all, we’re committed to building a seamless experience for our customers so they can continue their essential work unhindered by costs or delays. We believe this information should be available to anyone working towards a better future, which is why Kanop is an independent, unbiased platform accessible to projects of all sizes.

Getting measurements right will pave the way to a world where Earth's ecosystems are understood, protected, and integrated sustainably into the economy and society. We’re laser-focused on building a frictionless, impactful measurement platform that is equitable, efficient, and cost-effective for everyone and anyone interested in establishing and scaling nature-based solutions. Climate change is the challenge of our lifetimes, and we are committed to meeting the challenge head-on.

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Technology Applications and Their Use in Quantifying Results

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Bob Izlar

Director and Professor
University of Georgia – Center for Forest Business

Jillian Dyszynski

Director, Market Development
American Forest Foundation

Romain Fau

CEO & Co-Founder

Jonas Franke

Managing Director

Guillaume Leti