Global Surface Intelligence

Global Surface Intelligence

Global Surface Intelligence (GSI) provides a natural resource management platform offering the deepest insights imaginable into forestry, agriculture and changes in land use, delving much deeper into the data than has previously been possible. One of just a handful of specialist surface intelligence providers globally, GSI transforms raw earth observation data into valuable business intelligence used by global brands, governments and partners around the world to make more informed decisions about surface based assets.

To keep pace with our ever-changing world, there is a need for rapid access to information helping us better understand how critical natural resources are performing. We need to be able to understand growth, yield and plant health from various sources in the same quarter of the year to clearly show where potential shortfalls lie and better structure the management of our ecosystems.

GSI offers a unique and fast changing system which brings data together from satellite imagery, on-field sensors, aerial drones, UAV, LiDAR and other big data. Generating actionable insights leading to improved yield quality, quantity, forecasting and resource utilisation of natural assets such as crops and forests. GSI is used by both partners and customers from a variety of areas such as agriculture, forestry, investment, insurance, commodities and government agencies.

GSI has a system which monitors the changing behaviour of the worlds resources alerting to changes or over/under achievement of crop and forest yields. Our ultra fast platform accelerates the processing work from months to minutes allowing us to tackle some of the largest datasets in existence providing unique insights previously not possible regarding our planet.

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Raymond Song

Associate - Carbon Markets Intiative
Rocky Mountain Institute

Eve Boyce-Ratliff

Director, Growth & Partnerships
Upstream Tech

Murray Collins

CEO and Co-founder
Space Intelligence

Caleb Midgley

Senior Product Manager

Matt Tyburski

Chief Scientist and Founder
Global Surface Intelligence Ltd