Cambridge PACT

Cambridge PACT

Permanent Additional Carbon Tonnes

Calculating the value of natural carbon storage equivalent to a geologically stored (permanent) tonne.

PACT offers a direct comparison between different types of carbon credits with a new framework to demonstrate the long-term carbon value and additionality of nature-based solutions like forest preservation and reforestation.

The climate benefit behind a single PACT is equivalent to a tonne of CO₂ emitted into the atmosphere, accounting for the impermanence of nature-based carbon storage, and with a provable ‘additional’ impact on carbon emissions.

Backed by Cambridge University research, conservation scientists have developed a new understanding of the true carbon storage value of natural environments like forests; computer scientists bring automation and scale to verification using remote sensing and machine learning.

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Leveraging Scientific Innovation and A.I. to Scale Carbon Markets

CIFB Mar 2023Watch session


Anil Madhavapeddy

Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Technology
Cambridge Centre for Carbon Credits (4C)

Jon Pierre

Mantle Labs