AXA Climate

AXA Climate

Reducing our negative impact on the planet is not enough. Our collective challenge is to switch from extractive companies to regenerative companies. To that end, we are transforming our business models, our organizations and our collective missions. And this transformation movement drives us.

We are changing the paradigm: our companies are living beings, nested in the living world. We provide over 40 hours of digital training content to major companies, which are eager to support their employees in the evolution of their professions. We provide consulting services to the agri-food, industrial, financial and public sectors to help them successfully adapt to climate change and biodiversity loss, in a regenerative way. We empower decision-makers to address climate adaptation by building science-based and data-driven SaaS products. Using the best of satellite imagery, we insure businesses and vulnerable people to provide financial support within hours when they suffer from natural disasters.

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Bottlenecks in Forest and Carbon Project Development

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Martin Halle

Programme Manager

Enda Keane


Adam Gibbon

Natural Capital Lead
AXA Investment Managers

Ariane Kaploun

Nature Initiatives Lead
AXA Climate

Anna Lehmann

Executive Committee Member
Peoples Forest Partnership