Arbonaut is a world-leading provider of reliable and accurate digital information on forest ecosystems that can turn data into knowledge and understanding. With over 25 years of deep global experience and an intensive partnership network around the world, we create practical yet innovation-driven solutions to fit the specific needs of our customers both in Finland and beyond. Our mission is to contribute to the responsible use of forests through building digital twins of forest ecosystems that will lead to good forest management decisions.

Our expertise

Arbonaut has been dedicated to developing tailorable solutions for private and public customers since 1994. Our experts are adept at the intelligent use of LiDAR and GIS technologies, data processing and analysis, and software development for multifunctional and sustainable forest management. Arbonaut has a proven track record in projects focusing on forest and decision support information systems, timber and forest ecosystems inventories, wildfire risk management, and climate change. Our systems and services are conveniently accessible in versatile desktop-, web-, and mobile-based applications with an easy-to-use interface and abundance of functionalities, which are customized with the relevant tools and technologies for each customer. Along with high precision, reliable forest information, our customers get smart solutions that not only help them optimize and efficiently run their operations but also support decision-making.

An excellent overview of trends in international forest property investments.

Tuomo Kauranne
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The Value of Integrated Reporting

CIFB Sep 2022Watch session

Digital Forest Ecosystems, Ecological Risks and Carbon Markets

FAIS Nov 2021Watch session


Shauna Matkovich

Founding Director
The Forestlink

Aleksandra Holmlund

Omorica AB

Tuomo Kauranne

Arbonaut Ltd.

Tuomo Kauranne

Arbonaut Ltd.

Sixten Sunabacka

Executive Partner
MW Forest Sense

Josh Roberts

Innovation Manager
Forestry & Land Scotland

Matt Tyburski

Chief Scientist and Founder
Global Surface Intelligence Ltd

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