Acre is the first and only recruitment consultancy with a team specialising in sustainable finance, environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) and impact investing, with a long track record of successful delivery in banking and finance. Our practice includes banks, insurers, investment managers, private debt, equity and real-asset funds, family offices and foundations, covering recruitment for all investment roles across public and private markets which are sustainability-themed and/or impact aligned.

This also includes any sustainability and ESG related positions across all other functions. We offer a unique proposition to our clients due to our unrivaled subject matter expertise and global networks, resulting from our explicit focus on the opportunity that sustainability and impact principles represent for investors globally to deliver greater value for themselves, their clients and society as a whole.

We do this by:

  • Working with investors in public and private markets to augment their business models and human capital to create and then implement investment strategies that deliver a measurable increase in positive impact for every $ invested
  • Building and developing teams that use impact investing methodologies to directly deploy capital in the most effective way to support our clients' stated purpose/mission
  • Working with investors to develop their research and analytics teams to review potential investments in a holistic context that creates an investment process that acknowledges ‘net positive’ impact status as a long-term driver of performance
  • Providing access to seed investors and strategic partners/advisers for start-up funds that have a clear positive environmental or social purpose
  • Dedicating time and resource to build capacity in the market, connecting pioneering individuals who have deep subject matter expertise and extensive commercial networks with organizations seeking to refine their strategy before entering this market
  • Hosting and attending events to further deepen our knowledge of this rapidly evolving market and convening panels of experts to catalyze innovation and further understanding amongst mainstream investors

Collaboration is also an integral aspect of our business. We actively engage with purpose-led professionals and thought leaders, producing regular market insights and valuable research to help advance progress on sustainability-related initiatives.

You can browse examples of roles we’re currently working on, as well as thought leadership that we’ve produced in the Files section. If you have any questions, please contact our Director of Sustainable & Impact Investing, Ian Povey-Hall.

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Ian Povey-Hall

Director, Sustainable Finance & Impact Investing

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Chief Investment Officer
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Global Director of Project Development
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Sector Manager for Manufacturing, Agribusiness and