Phil Cottle

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Phil Cottle

Head of Forestry

Phil Cottle is the Head of Forestry at ForestRe - Globe Underwriting

Excellent. A great forum to catch up and hear new things … It is great to see who has attended sessions, and in that way it is far better than a normal conference.

Phil Cottle
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Cheap Forest Insurance - Fact or Fiction

FAIS May 2023Watch session

Cheap Forestry Insurance – Fact or Fiction?

CIFB Mar 2023Watch session

Risk Management Strategy for Forest-Carbon Investments

FAIS May 2022Watch session

Investment in Forestry & Carbon 2022 - Global forestry climate risk matrix?

CIFB Feb 2022Watch session

Forestry Investment - Modelling Your Climate Change Risks

FAIS Nov 2021Watch session

Forestry Investment - Protecting Carbon offsets

CIFB Sep 2021Watch session

Protecting Forestry Financial Returns as Insurance Sector Melts Down

FAIS May 2021Watch session

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