Marc Baker

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Marc Baker

Co-Founder and CEO
Carbon Tanzania

Raised in Tanzania, Marc is an experienced field biologist, a trained environmental scientist and a dedicated lifelong conservationist. As a Co-Founder and CEO of Carbon Tanzania, Marc oversees all aspects of carbon project design, development and implementation, as well as managing collaborations with Carbon Tanzania’s CSO, NGO and government partners. Marc cofounded Carbon Tanzania in 2007 as a response to the need to find innovative and long-term solutions to the degradation of nature, with a specific focus on deforestation.

Carbon Tanzania validated its first REDD project in 2011 and now manages three operational REDD projects with a further two projects under development. Carbon Tanzania operates across 22,000km2 and transfers USD3 million a year to district governments and communities, Carbon Tanzania has led the development of nature-based climate solutions in Tanzania, and is globally recognised as a leading organisation, having won two international awards.

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