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Eve Tamme

Founder and Managing Director
Climate Principles

Eve started her career in 2004 by building and leading the Climate Department Estonian national administration, implementing the EU ETS, running an international carbon offsetting program under the Kyoto Protocol, and being responsible for national reporting on climate policies and greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2011, she joined DG CLIMA in the European Commission, where she continued working on international negotiations under the UNFCCC. Her tasks also included outreach to third countries to share the learnings of the EU ETS and implementation of several legislative changes to the EU ETS in the aviation sector.

For the first Estonian presidency of the Council of the EU in 2017, she joined the Estonian Permanent Representation to the EU as the Counsellor for Climate Change, Sustainability and Environmental Affairs. In this role, she led the negotiations between the Council, Parliament and the Commission on the aviation sector under the EU ETS and on the Waste/Circular Economy Package, taking both files to successful agreements.

Outside the six-month Presidency, she represented Estonia in negotiations on a vast range of topics, including CO2 standards for cars and vans, sustainable finance taxonomy and circular economy initiatives.

In 2019, Eve joined an international think tank, the Global CCS Institute, as a Senior Advisor on International Climate Change Policy. During her years at the Institute, she led the work on the EU and international climate policy, including the UNFCCC and its related bodies. In Europe, her main focus was the European Green Deal. On the international side, she engaged in the UNFCCC process (Paris Agreement, carbon markets, transparency, technology transfer and financial mechanism). She served as an expert reviewer of the Working Group 3 (Climate Change Mitigation) contribution to the IPCC 6th Assessment Report.

In 2021, Eve established Climate Principles, a climate policy advisory. It works with private and public sector clients, providing strategic advice on European and international climate policy. Climate Principle brings clarity to climate policy through its work on policy analysis, design, dynamics, context and policy-making processes.

She is based in The Hague, Netherlands.

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