Eduardo Tugendhat

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Eduardo Tugendhat

The Palladium Group

Eduardo Tugendhat spearheads Palladium’s pioneering work in the design and operation of Commercial Facilities that catalyze the transformation of food and agriculture systems in ways that profitably incentivize improved stewardship of natural resources for those closest to land and water. He has helped pioneer Project Development Facilities that structure, support and finance innovative business models in regenerative agriculture and landscape protection.

Throughout his 45 year career, Mr. Tugendhat has demonstrated superior expertise in designing and executing market led approaches to inclusive growth strategies with a focus on agriculture and rural livelihoods. Mr. Tugendhat was co-founder and CEO of CARANA Corporation, now part of Palladium. He started his career at Arthur D. Little as a management consultant. He has worked in over 80 countries. With Professors Kaplan and Serafeim of the Harvard Business School, he co-authored “Inclusive Growth: Profitable Strategies for Tackling Poverty and Inequality” published in Harvard Business Review in January 2018 and “Intelligent Design of Inclusive Growth Strategies” published as a Harvard Business School Working Paper in 2019

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