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Daniel Paul Dima

Porini Log Oy

Operating though his Finnish consultancy company Porini Log Oy, Daniel Paul Dima is a forestry advisor with over 15 years of experience in working with investors, industrial operators and international consultancies focused on forestry matters in South Eastern Europe, South America and Japan. Paul has been in charge of running Proforest Romania, an association of major forest investors, which he represented in working groups in Bucharest and Brussels. Prior to and following that, he was involved in forest management and operations, as well as in the transfer of environmentally friendly harvesting equipment to sensitive mountain areas in Europe and Japan. Paul believes SE Europe accommodates the natural resources required to provide significant investment opportunities for both commercial and conservation forestry, in a time of great global climate and socio-economic challenges.

It brought together people from a wide palette of sectors and countries, with a vast experience. Discussions were topical and grounded in reality, not just some wishful thinking that sometimes you get at this kind of events. Good panels, good topics, looking forward to the next ones! Keep up the momentum!

Daniel Paul Dima
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The Climate Emergency and the Role of Forest Investments

FAIS Nov 2021Watch session

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