About Us

We are a product-first, people centric organisation

We have proven that by ensuring our content is world-class, future thinking and enlightening, we naturally draw together the top experts, key sponsors, and an engaged audience.

We are passionate about building a diverse community all moving towards climate positive, environmentally friendly outcomes. We are at the nexus of ecology, finance, and governmental groups, thus enabling the empowerment of corporates and investors alike.

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Our core values


We encourage our team to acquire knowledge and deepen their understanding around the pressing issues that our company is seeking to address.


To us, this means being accountable, being committed, and accepting ownership for one's decisions, actions, and behavior


We encourage our colleagues to be authentic, intuitive, and energised versions of themselves.


We believe that people have the right to their own identities, and encourage everyone to be authentic.

Meet the team

Hayley Cooper photo

Hayley Cooper

CEO & Co-founder

Warren Erses photo

Warren Erses

CCO & Co-founder  

Ben Turner photo

Ben Turner

Client Relationship Executive

Rebecca Harrison photo

Rebecca Harrison

Content Manager & BD Lead

Harriet Blacker photo

Harriet Blacker

Event Operations Manager

Dyuti Basu photo

Dyuti Basu

Communications Manager

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